Quotation by William D. Ruckelshaus, first Environmental Protection Agency Chief Administrator

"Using one discipline to address the environment isn't going to work.  You have to use them all."  ---William D. Ruckelshaus, first Environmental Protection Agency chief Administrator, 1970-1973, also 1983-85, speaking to "Living on Earth," broadcast through Public Radio International

Reviews of the Book

"Until the publication . . . of Environment: An Interdisciplinary Anthology, those searching for an overview of the field had few texts to which they might turn .... "

-Rochelle Johnson in Thoreau Society Bulletin for Fall 2008

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Remarks by the Publisher:

"A comprehensive guide to environmental literacy."


Selected as a 2008 AAUP University Press Book for Public and Secondary School Libraries.

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On February 25 and 26, 2016, James Engell presented on climate change as part of a ‚Äúdeep dive‚ÄĚ educational session for the Advanced Leadership Initiative at the Harvard Business School.

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Web Connections for Chapter 24: PDF Print E-mail

Supplemental web reading for Chapter 24, Human Population

  • http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html¬†Population clocks: U.S. Census Bureau estimates of the current populations of United States and the world.¬†

  • http://www.unfpa.org¬†¬†United Nations Population Fund links to raw population¬†data; emphasizes importance of social issues like gender equality in improving¬†the lives of the earth‚Äôs billions.¬†

  • http://www.prb.org¬†Population Reference Bureau; provides population information to policymakers and ‚Äúconcerned citizens around the world‚ÄĚ; Web page¬†features original articles by demographers on trends.¬†